Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lake Erie UFOs

This footage was used in the FOX News UFO segment 2/3/07. They edited the film for TV but the complete video can be seen below.


drom57 said...

Me and a friend saw these same type UFOs off pointe Moulee across from Fermi2 Nuclear plant. The Ufo hovered above us about two yds. up and it was bright and it moved closer to us. It was sort of intriging at forst and then when it moved closer it became frightening. It then sped off across the Lake toward the East at a rate of speed that was faster than anything known. The one thing that stood out was there was no sound whatsoever during this whole time it was silent. When we got home and told our wives they laughed and said we were nuts and laughed some more. I seen where this craft originated from and it is remote and posted with Government signs that say wildlife sanctuary. Whats also weird is there was security guards posted at entrance and for what reason there is nothing there only people coming to fish. Or so we thought. Now I see why its now posted and security is placed.

drom57 said...

We see this UFOs it was bight,fast and silent. I also know where it came from on the ground in an inside pond surrounded by thick woods. We see it at Point Mouliee across from Fermi 2